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Broaden your website’s reach. Connect with your readers through humanized content. Simplify your lead generation.

I offer straightforward page audits, 1-hour consulting strategy sessions, and ongoing SEO campaigns at two levels (depending on needs and budget).


   The SEOptimist Philosophy

Successful SEO is about doing a variety of things well and being judicious about each. One piece of SEO, sold alone as “doing SEO” generally isn’t enough to move the needle.

It begins with clever strategy for rankings — what to target and how to optimize for those targets — but most also address how to best handle that traffic when it arrives. 

Feedback About The SEOptimist From Winston Salem & Greensboro

Kristie Staton – Creative Force

It is refreshing to work with a professional who is on top of his game. Brian Watkins knows his craft in SEO. I was privileged to have collaborated with him on a number of projects. Search engine optimization can be very complex, but Brian has such a strong grasp that he is able to explain it in laymen’s terms. What’s even better is his ability to approach the work so that businesses can actually achieve results after engaging with him.

Troy Hurst, Planet Reflex

Brian did a tremendous job in shooting a series of video segments, to help promote my business. He was punctual, flexible in creating different video shots and patient, as we did several segments which required re-taping and edits. I would highly recommend Brian and applaud his creativity, attention to detail and production talent and will use him again for future work. Thanks, Brian!

Yamile McBride

Brian is very knowledgeable and passionate about anything he does. He has helped our company find ways to grow using powerful tools that make life simpler. He knows data and why we were not getting the results we were looking for. One thing is to know how to market another is understanding what that translates to. He goes above and beyond finding the best solution for his clients and for that I am confident in our continued growing relationship.

Kim Harvell – Pure And Light Minerals

Brian is so great to work with! He’s very versatile in his knowledge of ‘how to’ and has helped me in many areas of my business. He always takes the time to explain things to me so that I understand how they will help grow my customer base. His skills will help ANY company “locally” whether local in Winston or local in other states. I have recommended him to other entrepreneur friends and highly recommend him to you too!

Nelson S. – Nissen House

Brian’s advice and explanations were more thorough and thoughtful than I’d expected, and he is very generous with his time. Thanks a million for the help!

Alex Garcia, Bold

The difference in the site was significant after Brian started making changes — we looked at our Adsense numbers and saw a huge jump in traffic.

Joshua M.

Clear SEO explanations spoken like a person and not a marketing person trying to dazzle with flashy language and metrics no one can understand. Brian’s advice made an obvious difference once we implemented it, both in terms of visitors and phone calls.

Ian McIlwraith

Not only was his work high quality, but he offered valuable & easy to understand insights and tips into continuing to boost the SEO performance of the site moving forward. I highly recommend The SEOptimist for the SEO needs of any small business!

Stephen Bagby, Cool Breeze 1250

Brian at The SEOptimist was a game changer for us. His blog posts are relevant and have helped us move up on the organic searches. We highly recommend Brian.

Andre Bass, A-1 Renovation

Brian listens well with his clients and provides quick results. Phone calls from the website are consistent and drive a lot of our business since working with him.

Felicia Jones – Koda’s Plea

As a volunteer web developer for our nonprofit Koda’s Plea, Brian has taken this role seriously by using his graphic design skills and technical computer skills to create, design, implement and monitor Koda’s Plea website. At any time if I see a need pertaining to our website Brian is always eager to assist and completes the task within 24 hours. Brian has shown me that he is a natural leader in developing our website and I am proud to have him to be a part of our volunteer team and has my highest endorsement/recommendation for any company seeking a web developer. Thank you Brian.

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