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For business owners looking to strengthen their brands and web designers, writers, and other pros looking for resources to up their game. I started this site to be a resource for other folks in the industry to shorthand a lot of the trial and error I had to go through, so topics I blog about here are the result of that experience.

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Driving Content & Getting Clicks in 2019

Driving Content & Getting Clicks in 2019

Tired of reading stale tips guides with the same information you've already read a dozen other places? Today's post features a few folks with some great actionable info to help your SEO campaigns in 2019. Brian Dean of Backlinko posted a 14 minute video recently with...

Why The Focus On #1 Might Be Hurting Your SEO

Everybody wants to be #1, for every keyword, for every city they can possibly serve. And every SEO agency looking for clients is promising just that. But while that is indeed the ideal, focusing so hard on that as a metric for success can hurt your business. For one,...