It’s understandable why someone would ask, but in my opinion it’s one of those things where the more you understand about how SEO works the more you realize how automating it isn’t feasible. Anything I’ve ever seen that comes close to automation, such as comment spam blasts, bots making profiles all over the place for backlinks, etc. ends up accomplishing nothing because Google has gotten so good at hunting it down.

When it comes to building links, really the only way to acquire good links that don’t get penalized or ignored requires manual effort — whether you’re doing it or hiring someone else to do it.

Same with content. All of the content spinning software and other similar methods that were popular years ago for automating a bunch of content ended up producing low-quality stuff that Google ignores in the best of cases, and penalizes in the worse cases.

Broadly speaking…

The only way to create good content is to write good content. Or pay someone else to write good content.

The only way to create a strong brand presence on social is to actually be present, and be social. Or pay someone else to do it.

The only way to build quality backlinks is to put in the time. Or pay someone else to put in the time.

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