Why The Focus On #1 Might Be Hurting Your SEO

Everybody wants to be #1, for every keyword, for every city they can possibly serve. And every SEO agency looking for clients is promising just that. But while that is indeed the ideal, focusing so hard on that as a metric for success can hurt your business. For one,...

SEO: A Brief Retrospective

With how sophisticated Google’s algorithms have become, it’s amusing to look back to the early days of SEO: how different the game was, and all the crazy tricks people used to try. The terms white hat and black hat didn’t come into play at first, at...
How Can SEO Consulting Help?

How Can SEO Consulting Help?

“I know we need SEO,” you might be thinking. The same way you know you need to change the oil in your car, whether you understand the technical aspects of engines or not. But how specifically can SEO consulting help, and what should you be looking for?