It’s interesting to observe the way the tech we use to consume media changes WHEN we consume media.

Just a few years back, social media tips articles were saying that the best time to post on Facebook for business was 7pm, because everyone was wrapping up dinner and getting on their PCs. Fast forward to where everyone predominantly uses smartphones for Facebook, and folks are saying 2-3pm is the best time to post.

Totally makes sense, right?

We’ve all had that mid-afternoon slump where we need more coffee and don’t feel like working. And the best time to post on Facebook is that same time?

That afternoon slump, and social media usage

It really speaks to understanding our audience. It’s more than just anticipating their challenges and seeing how we can solve them. It’s also envisioning what their average day is like; what are they doing and when they’re accessible.

And that tricks that work today never last.