Law Firm SEO Services

The legal industry is a particularly competitive one. One of the best ways to earn the rapport and trust you need to attract quality clients is to dominate local search.

You need a white hat, lasting search engine optimization strategy to put your website and your brand squarely in front of those actively looking for services just like yours.

A Local Resource for the Legal Field

Our SEO solutions for law firms begin with a thorough review of your website, what’s out there for local listings in your name, reviews about your firm, and the profile of links pointed at your site from elsewhere.

After getting a clear snapshot of where you are, we can form the action plan and act on it efficiently. After ensuring the foundational aspects of your site are tip-top, we employ a variety of winning SEO techniques to build momentum and reinforce your authority.

My law firm SEO partners and I:

  • Employ white hat, Google-safe SEO techniques that build industry authority and convert clicks.
  • Operate from a solid track record with over a decade in the SEO field.
  • Constantly track data, compare different approaches, and stay up-to-date with modern SEO best practices.

Winning SEO Strategy

Successful search engine optimization campaigns for law firms employ a blend of content marketing, technical tweaks, and modern link building efforts. Content is never written simply as fluff or filler, and technical adjustments to your website are ongoing to ensure it’s always taking advantage of tools at our disposal as web standards evolve.

Building upon local indicators of brand trust, such as social reinforcement (reviews), mentions (news and social media), and consistency (core directories) is how you build clout that lasts.

We don’t mess with SEO techniques that merely provide a brief boost with no lasting source of valuable leads.

Everything we do has been time-tested and improved upon by constant research and review. Each law firm SEO campaign we work on is another chance to enhance these methods, but nothing we do is guesswork.

We strive for long term client relationships with every engagement, something only possible because we deliver results. Law firms we work with benefit from a stronger revenue source through their websites and a steadier stream of new business that larger firms are built upon.

A law firm SEO campaign is an investment into your business future you can feel good about.

The right messaging on your site and the right positioning in Google are what captures the attention of local searches happening every day. Your opportunity to harness that depends on hiring the right expertise for the project.

If you’re reading this, you already know what we can do.

Let's get in touch.

Feedback From Winston Salem & Greensboro

Joshua M.

Clear SEO explanations spoken like a person and not a marketing person trying to dazzle with flashy language and metrics no one can understand. Brian’s advice made an obvious difference once we implemented.

Stephen Bagby, Cool Breeze 1250

Brian at The SEOptimist was a game changer for us. His blog posts are relevant and have helped us move up on the organic searches. We highly recommend Brian.

Ian McIlwraith

Not only was his work high quality, but he offered valuable insights and tips into continuing to boost the SEO performance of the site moving forward. I highly recommend The SEOptimist for the SEO needs of any small business!

Emily Cole, Your Answer

…I highly recommend Brian and The SEOptimist to anyone looking to grow their business online! From design to messaging, it’s nice to have someone I can trust to call with questions and ideas.

Troy Hurst, Planet Reflex

Brian did a tremendous job in shooting a series of video segments, to help promote my business. He was punctual, flexible in creating different video shots and patient, as we did several segments which required re-taping and edits. I would highly recommend Brian and applaud his creativity, attention to detail and production talent and will use him again for future work. Thanks, Brian!

Alex Garcia, Wolf Creative

The difference in the site was significant — we looked at our Adsense numbers and saw a huge jump in traffic after the changes.

Andre Bass, A-1 Renovation

Listen well with his clients and provides quick services. Phone calls from the website are consistent and drive a lot of our business.

Types of Legal Field SEO We Can Help With:

  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Criminal Defense Law
We can employ expert SEO strategy in a huge number of practice areas. Given the nature of this work, our ability to assist law firms throughout the U.S. not only creates flexibility, but allows us to hone this craft while maintaining a reasonable exclusivity radius for each law firm we partner with.

SEO for Lawyers That Isn't Limited by Segment

Often times in any local market you'll see smaller SEO agencies harping on one particular tool and build their entire skill set around it. A common example are those who seek mastery in slick solutions for getting businesses into all the local directories.

There are two shortcomings with approaches like that. One, there are hundreds of local directories and Google takes very few of them seriously. The difference between solid listings in a core 10-15 directories and adding a hundred more is minimal. Past a point it's simply not time well spent. Second, local citations are but one of a great many SEO tools needed to win. Even doing this one part extraordinarily well isn't enough.

Content is incredibly important, but those who act like all that's needed is to post some catchy blog posts and profit are also missing the big picture.

An SEO campaign that lasts involves having the right tools and being highly skilled in a variety of disciplines.