You don’t have to have a degree on marketing to learn SEO. If you’re a business owner looking to build a skill that can feed your business reliably each month, learning SEO at home is likely on your list.

“But how can I learn SEO from scratch?” you have probably wondered.

Even though there are a lot of technical-sounding articles out there about SEO to intimidate the typical business owner right out of taking action, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

The way I see it, a business owner like yourself faces two key challenges when trying to solve this problem:

  • There are a bunch of SEO “learn at home” courses out there, but many of them are geared at existing SEO professionals looking to up their game. Put another way, very few of them are structured toward someone with little to no knowledge on the subject.
  • Most of the available SEO courses cost over $1000

In early 2019 I sat down with my wife, who is a national forensic marketer, to brainstorm how we could address these specific needs. We spent the rest of 2019 working on the solution.

Simple enough for beginners; actionable enough to move the needle.

There are way too many superficial “top 10 tips”-type articles out there that cover SEO from an angle that is easy to follow but provide too little meat to do anything with.

My experience doing several years of SEO consulting has shown me that it’s common for business owners to invest some money into learning, but then they end up abandoning it shortly thereafter and returning to business as usual.

When we started recording content for our SEO course we kept the concept of simplicity firmly in our minds. How can we explain each piece of learning SEO without jargon, without having to assume the user already knows a bunch of other information?

I’m going to break that down a bit more, but if you’d like you can skip ahead.

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Understanding SEO philosophy and keyword research.

Context is important in any scenario. It’s not useful for someone like myself to simply throw a bunch of tips at you about “how to win at SEO” or the magic formula to keyword research when you don’t really grasp the underlying premise.

High level, sure, we all understand that SEO is about ranking better in search engines.

But what are those search engines *really* looking for beyond a bunch of technical tricks? And when we do keyword research, what are we *really* trying to ascertain beyond “words people search frequently?”

As a beginner, without the answers to those questions, a lot of the information you’d try to learn would become sheer memorization without true understanding. That makes actually applying what you’ve learned nebulous.

Assembling your SEO campaign piece by piece.

Our concept of SEO course modules were built in a linear fashion and meant to give you meaningful, actionable ideas at each phase. We never want someone to be in a position where they feel like they have to slog through a bunch of videos that serve no purpose other than to set up a future piece of content where the actual meat is.

Each module is meant to give you something you can turn around and put into action, starting with foundational tasks that will illuminate what follows but also function in a self-contained way.

For the most part the modules also follow a logical sequence of things you’d want to focus on within your SEO campaign. By the end of the SEO course you’ll have a solid command of the basics.

This is a skill set that when used well (and consistently) will measurably improve your site’s rankings.

Your simple, at-home SEO learning opportunity.

This course is aimed at someone who is interested in learning SEO but has no existing experience with it. Over 4 course sections and 10+ hours of informational video content you’ll learn:

  • How to select topics and which things to prioritize in your content planning for search
  • What elements to focus on within your site, both technically and in the content that are otherwise commonly missed opportunities.
  • How to craft metadata, compelling page titles, and structure your page content so it flows well and is well-received by search engines.
  • Methods of accruing backlinks, how they work, and what to avoid so you don’t hamper your site with penalties.
  • How to craft ads (as needed) that support landing pages or other targeted content

The key takeaway here is that this course has taken all the various aspects of SEO and distilled them into a collection of the very best “bang for your buck” basics. Essentially it takes the stance, “What are the smallest collection of skills a person would need to know, that if they did these things well would change their business even without having to master all the advanced SEO that pros use?”

This is that course.

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