This has been a tough year for a lot of folks, and it’s an understandable sentiment to want to put some things in place to start 2024 off as strong and organized as possible.

Here are some things I can recommend based on my own experience and associations.

Start With An SEO Page Audit To Leverage More Local Leads.

Performing an advanced SEO audit on a laptop to get a clear plan forward

Don’t get into the weeds in SEO if you’re not looking to bite off too much. The beauty of a content gap audit is that you’re looking at one page, one URL.

The audit does a deep dive, comparing your page to the top-ranking competition and gives you a very actionable list of tweaks you can make to your content to build authority — based on research of Google’s contextual language models (LSI).

You can spend an afternoon or two working through the content tweaks. Optionally, re-submit the URL to Search Console once you’ve finished the changes, and wait. It’s not an immediate effect — nothing in SEO is. But I have seen quite a few times where doing these kinds of audits produces a measurable difference in rankings, even as a singular action.

And if you combine this type of work with other marketing efforts, you can end up with a much stronger presentation. The stuff where steady leads are born.

Memorable Print Materials Create Brand Unity.

Print materials, menus, and other sharp looking modern marketing

Tangible objects stand out, whether you’re networking, holding meetings, or leveling up a restaurant.

Sharp looking branding with a cohesive sheen is a real business level up. I know someone saying a strong business card or restaurant menu leaves a lasting impression isn’t going to knock you out of your chair, but we’re not talking about Vista Print designs. We’re talking about deliberate, meticulously crafted materials designed by a pro whose whole business is making others look crisp.

And if you’re a restaurant, these designs don’t have to stop at menus and table tents.

What if the walls and the decor, even the checkout table, matched that same branding concept? Think how buttoned up that would look.

See for yourself right here.

Make Your Website Crisp AF.

Modern artist working on a website design

This is a powerful expansion of the previous points, because when people find you on search or are intrigued by a print item your website is the next stop.

When that experience is immediately high end, and a natural tonal continuation of what they’ve already seen, the credibility that creates really can’t be understated.

There are a lot of things to get right about your website design and what it communicate. Sometimes, though, all it takes is a competitor someone is also looking at missing the mark on one of these things to make your offering the obvious next move.

When someone sees a brand that clearly takes itself seriously it conveys a sure-footedness, a stability based on confidence. While it guarantees nothing, it’s about as solid of an early impression as you could hope to lead with.

On a web with thousands of templated lookalikes, you want to look like you.

Killer Photography Sells.

Crush your personal branding with stunning portrait photography

Strong imagery is powerful. It makes or breaks a website, a brochure, a menu, or a product showcase.

While a decent head shot snapped with an iPhone is a well-worn bootstrapping move, professional head shots carry a sense of distinguished polish to a resume, an About page, or a Linkedin profile.

I know I’ve stopped my scrolling a couple times on Linkedin when a skilled photographer shares some keepers from a session.

These people work hard and care about their business, and it shows. Photos like these communicate a genuineness — properly respectful of what they stand for yet beautifully human.

Whether we’re talking photos of you, your products, your team, or your process, killer photography is an immediate level up to everything you’re doing.

Let’s talk about getting some of these started so 2024 isn’t just another year in business, but the year you hit your stride.

For all the bits I don’t provide myself, I have someone I’m excited for you to meet.