All the SEO blogs went nuts last month talking about the March Core algorithm update, except for Moz. As one of the leaders in the SEO industry, a lot of their following on Twitter erupted with a mixture of confusion and snark.

Moz’s answer turned out to have nothing to do with Google funding (not surprising), but serves as a lesson for the rest of us. That includes me, who also piled on about the update.

Essentially, Moz pointed out that while we all had some vague info, Google was not very forthcoming about what this update changed. And since no one has much hard data through tests and analysis yet, there really isn’t much to say about it yet. In their view, to post yet another “here’s some basics we know” post alongside the rest of the internet without any hard data would be unhelpful and maybe even irresponsible.

I can appreciate that. As someone who runs a blog that tries to meaningfully contribute to the SEO discussion without simply rehashing others, it’s a valuable ponder.