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Feedback From Winston Salem & Greensboro

Troy Hurst, Planet Reflex

Brian did a tremendous job in shooting a series of video segments, to help promote my business. He was punctual, flexible in creating different video shots and patient, as we did several segments which required re-taping and edits. I would highly recommend Brian and applaud his creativity, attention to detail and production talent and will use him again for future work. Thanks, Brian!

Emily Cole, Your Answer

…I highly recommend Brian and The SEOptimist to anyone looking to grow their business online! From design to messaging, it’s nice to have someone I can trust to call with questions and ideas.

Ian McIlwraith

Not only was his work high quality, but he offered valuable insights and tips into continuing to boost the SEO performance of the site moving forward. I highly recommend The SEOptimist for the SEO needs of any small business!

Andre Bass, A-1 Renovation

Listen well with his clients and provides quick services.

SEO services

...are easy to find, but tricky to navigate. Everyone seems to offer it, but it's a tough industry with a lot of snake oil salesmen.

SEO agencies

...often operate like a production line, relying on volume to feed large teams. Too often the focus isn't personalized care or your message.

SEO consulting

...can help you determine what's missing from your site, what to prioritize, and who to follow.

Everyone has an opinion about SEO. Some love it, some hate it, some profess to be experts at it, and some offer it as an add-on to a completely unrelated set of services. Who do you listen to?

I'll tell you that in the 10+ years I've been doing this I've read hundreds of articles parroting the same information. Some of it correct, but trite. A lot of the rest of it? Based on theories, the latest assumptions about Google's algorithms, or stuff that worked years ago and hasn't been valid for awhile.

My work, especially with this site and my Youtube channel, is largely about demystifying SEO. Whether that's answering community questions, explaining how to set up and use various tools, or offering my opinions about things going on in the industry. There's a lot of, "Look at me and how supreme I am!" in marketing. I like to think that acting like a real person, having a real conversation, is what people want most — and what will win out.