As the first in a series I’d like to create, I’m going to share some folks to follow for specific SEO tips. This will either be weekly or every two weeks, and will feature a short, curated feature of folks putting great content out there that my readership should definitely check out.

This does two things:

  1. Highlights some worthy folks in the industry who deserve a bigger spotlight and
  2. Shorthands the process of finding good information through the fluff as a learner

So with no further intro, here we go.

Rand Fishkin: Content Frequency and Length Advice is Balogna

If you’ve looked for tips on SEO content marketing you’ve no doubt heard from a dozen places that posting frequently helps with your rankings; some people even throw numbers of that are supposedly the magic bullet. Is it 20, 26, or even 47 posts per month that magically skyrocket your site’s authority?

Rand shows some data, as well as an insightful way to assess it, that turns advice about this as well as how long your content should be on its head.

Check out Rand’s Whiteboard Friday on content tips debunking here.

Why is this significant? Not only is anything contrary worth a look, but it’s particularly interesting when someone as notable as the “Wizard of Moz” takes a strong stance that runs in direct contrast to other industry leaders like Neil Patel. Neil often talks about how long content (3000+ words) ranks so much better than short content, but Rand presents another way to interpret that same data where it might not align the way you’d think.

13 Advanced Link Building Strategies

You can find the same tired advice about link building on thousands of sites. But wouldn’t you like some no-nonsense advice you probably haven’t tried from someone who’s been successful? Glen Allsopp doesn’t just show you new techniques; he picks apart why some of the often repeated ones are overused and why popular tools can help you more than you think.

Check out Glen’s 13 Advanced Link Building Strategies

Even though I’m usually an on-site content preacher, every site needs backlinks to command authority.

An SEO’s Guide To Time Management

Whether you’re a budding SEO or a business owner looking to be more effective at your web marketing, this is a time consuming endeavor. Great time management is crucial to being successful, but it’s less straightforward than you’d probably think.

I can take the sheer number of perpetually behind, “crazy busy” yet lukewarm SEOs I’ve seen as proof of that. Get some tips on staying tight and efficient from another SEO pro who’s proven his chops in the industry. Matt Diggity breaks it down for you in a way that’s worked for him in this great guide in SEO time management.

It’s easy to get caught up in busy work, but as a coach told me years back there’s a difference between being busy and being productive. The tracking tips Matt gives will illuminate the productivity holes, what activities you should focus harder on etc. by narrowing down how crucial or lucrative each of them are.

That’s it for this week. Join me next time for more SEO highlights of folks making waves in the industry! And if this was helpful information for you, please share it with someone else who could benefit from it!

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