Looking For An SEO Marketing Specialist Near Winston Salem?

If you’re here, you’ve been looking for an SEO specialist. Luckily, you’ve found one. So your website isn’t producing the leads you know it can, eh?

Let’s talk.

This might be a little unorthodox, but here are some things you should know about me right off the bat:

  • I’ve been doing this for 11 years, and have worked with small local businesses and larger chains.
  • I stand by my work and my reputation, and never take on a project if I don’t think I can legitimately help someone.
  • You’ll always have access to reports and data with me; I value transparency as much as you do.
  • I don’t do long term contracts. I hope to build long lasting relationships with folks, but if you’re not satisfied we can stop at any time.
  • I run my client list boutique-style; this is not a numbers game and every account receives hands-on treatment.

Okay, why mention any of that?

This is a competitive industry. There are a lot of fish in this sea, and most folks I know have had some bad experiences. For anyone considering hiring an SEO specialist I think it’s important that they understand a bit about who they’re dealing with.

I’ve worked with various agencies over the years and started this business with a passion to demystify a genre of marketing that tends to be pretty nebulous. I began as a writer with a background in code, so I aim to educate more than to dazzle with flashy numbers or promises.

But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about how SEO consulting can benefit YOUR business.

SEO Marketing Changes The Stakes Of Your Online Game By:

  • Catching and resolving technical errors in your site that are holding you back from ranking better
  • Building a solid keyword list with words that actually have some search volume (no wasting time on stuff no one is searching for)
  • Optimizing your page content, the site layout, and the way pages interact with each other for a clearer user experience
  • Refining your message so it’s on-point and talking to the right people
  • Promoting that message and sharing it in the right places
  • Giving you a clear road map of what to prioritize and how to best achieve each milestone

Ready to roll? Shoot me a message and let’s talk.

Depending on where your site is at, the speed of results can vary. Sometimes, the change is pretty quick (as in under a week). But in all cases, by the time 1-3 months have passed the campaign has hit its stride and there’s noticeable keyword movement.

Nobody in the SEO game likes to make specific promises about how quickly a keyword will be on the first page, or even #1. It’s just not something beyond a certain point that anyone outside of Google itself can control.

But I can tell you this. I’ve gotten pretty consistent results for businesses I’ve worked with, particularly in the last few years. One of my most successful campaigns saw a traffic increase of 7x after we’d fully ramped it up, and an 8.7x increase in total leads from the website.

Not all campaigns are national ones or see those kinds of numbers, but my goal is to create a clear return on investment for everyone I work with.