SEO Services & Consulting For Winston Salem & Greensboro

Folks I work with generally fall into one of two camps:

  • New businesses getting started with a new website that need some help getting it out there, OR
  • Established businesses that have been successful in other forms of advertising, and are looking to truly leverage their websites.

When it comes to SEO, my approach might be a little different than some. My answer to “Who can I help?” isn’t everyone.

Some business’ target markets (and dollar value of sales) aren’t really ideal for organic SEO from a cost standpoint, and they’d be better suited to invest in paid advertising. I’ve also come to believe over the years that there’s a threshold for success, and it isn’t serving anyone to agree to a fee that means having to water down what works.

SEO Coaching Services

Ideal for small businesses that aren’t interested in outsourcing a campaign, since they’ll give folks the tools needed to succeed if they’ll invest the time themselves. This works for when you want to keep things in-house, and also for startups with limited budgets.

SEO Ranking Campaigns

Ready to kickstart your website and turn it into a lead machine? My full SEO campaigns include professionally written content, reporting and tracking, refinement to site presentation, and even video production. Rank organically and showcase your industry authority for lasting impact.

When people think of SEO they usually think of traffic charts, reports, and programming. While those are certainly a part of it, the first two happen after the fact and the technical aspects are often more foundational.

But the software isn’t the hard part.

Understanding design principles and writing content from the lens of the reader is where campaigns usually fall short. Keyword-loaded text that uses jargon in place of meaning attracts traffic that won’t convert, and is ultimately useless.

After all, someone could show you reports showing your website traffic increased even 500%, but if visitors never took any action what good would it do you?

Conversion SEO

My most successful campaigns did feature large increases in traffic. If the numbers of phone calls and clicks to navigate did not increase correspondingly, though, I wouldn’t have worked with some of those clients for years.

Part of this is indeed a numbers game: better rankings = more traffic = more calls.

When we’re talking about local rankings, however, traffic is finite. What do you do after you’re already dominating search and need more phone calls? The only answer is to improve the conversion rate, which is the percentage of people that visit your site that take a buying action.

Let’s take some conservative numbers to demonstrate how that breaks down. Say your website gets 300 visits per month and converts about 3% of those visits.

300 visits x 3% conversion = 9 leads

Now we could increase the traffic by 50%. Assuming the conversion rate remained steady, we’d have:

450 visits x 3% conversion = 13 leads

If we instead upped the conversion rate to 7%, for instance, with some targeted tweaks:

300 visits x 7% conversion = 21 leads

Increasing traffic can take time since it’s largely based on rankings. But the conversion rate can be adjusted much faster, since a change you make today could immediately impact it.

And of course, longer term we’d strive for a combination of traffic growth and improved conversion. Let’s say over 6 months we improved the traffic by 150% and doubled the conversion rate.

750 visits x 6% conversion = 45 leads

That’s a big increase from this example’s starting amount of roughly 9 leads per month.

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