Everybody wants to be #1, for every keyword, for every city they can possibly serve. And every SEO agency looking for clients is promising just that.

But while that is indeed the ideal, focusing so hard on that as a metric for success can hurt your business. For one, you can actually get a good amount of business from ranking anywhere on the first half of page 1 — especially with how picky searchers are these days. They are far less likely to stop at the first result than before, and in cases where your meta titles are more enticing, they may not look at #1 at all.

This focus can make us disappointed in what seems like a lack of progress when in fact we’re doing well, and also forgets one major thing. Your site often ranks for things you aren’t tracking, things you may have no idea about because of the way Google groups similar words and associates ranking clout for one with others.

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This video is part of an ongoing series where I delve into various aspects of web marketing and break them down for business owners and aspiring SEOs alike.