Winston Salem SEO Solutions

A Content-Focused Way To Succeed

You probably do a lot of marketing for your business to be competitive. Since you made it to this page, you already know that if you aren’t ranking locally you’re missing a huge opportunity to do that.

But finding an SEO expert is about a lot more than a site that ranks well and has a bunch of fancy tools.

What you really need is a combination of the technical tools with a mastery of the language and other elements needed for a site’s success beyond simply whether it shows up in a search in Winston Salem.


Local, In-House Work

All the suggestions, content, and site changes involved in my SEO campaigns are done by me. You won’t have to worry about timeline issues from outsourced content, or that content strategy we discuss will be lost in transit to someone else.


Professionally Written Content

SEO inevitably involves content, but the depth of that content varies significantly. Writing is where I got my start, what I went to school for, and what I’ve studied extensively for the last 12+ years. If the material doesn’t engage, rankings are irrelevant.

Free Up Time & Improve Revenue

Networking, direct sales, and email marketing are all effective, but time-consuming. With a well optimized website you can generate leads more consistently with less hustle.

Simple, Reliable SEO Reporting

We meet each month to discuss progress, with clear, fully explained deliverables. The goal is never to confuse, distract, or deflect. I want my clients to understand what’s happening and feel good about it.

The Goal of The SEOptimist

I started this website to promote my business, sure, but also to educate local businesses about an area of marketing that’s long been nebulous. But it really doesn’t need to be.

Having worked in various agencies for years, including leading teams of people as a marketing director, I’m familiar with managing deadlines and various aspects of what it takes for a website to be successful. As rewarding as those experiences were, I had a couple nagging goals and it started becoming clear I’d have to do my own thing to accomplish them.

These were those goals:

  1. Remain hands-on and very in-tune with a smaller collection of Winston Salem clients where we could work as a team to build something powerful.
  2. Find ways to be a resource for those who can’t work with me, whether because of budget or geography.
  3. De-mystify SEO with honest, straightforward programs and content.

FAQ For SEO Campaigns

How often do you send reports?

Generally, once a month each time we get together. I can report more frequently if needed, but I know your inbox is probably crowded enough. Some agencies advertise daily reports, but in my opinion that’s a time-waster since meaningful changes aren’t happening that fast and it ends up being a ton of email for you.

Long term contracts?

Nope. I don’t want anyone to feel locked in, and if our work together isn’t serving your goals we can stop at any time. My agreements are straightforward and outline how things work each month, but all programs are month-to-month.

Are there startup fees?

No. When I give you a quote, the price is the price. There are no hidden fees, and the setup needed in the first month is accounted for in the program rates.

What does getting started look like?

Once you reach out we’ll set a meeting to discuss your goals, what you’ve already done with the site, and so you can learn more about me. If what we discuss feels good to you, I’ll get you an estimate with an agreement. Often we settle that and the deposit in our first meeting together, where we’ll dig into content strategy and set some 30 day expectations.

Programs are month-to-month, with fees due the same date each month. Generally we meet roughly that date each month to go over the last 30 days of work and plan the following month.

Do the SEO campaigns include blog posts?

While blogging each month purely for SEO isn’t as necessary as it once was, I do make sure there is new content added to your site each month. Sometimes that will be a few blog posts, and other times a mixture of that and additions/tweaks to core site pages to keep things fresh and relevant.

Feedback From Winston Salem & Greensboro

Emily Cole, Your Answer

…I highly recommend Brian and The SEOptimist to anyone looking to grow their business online! From design to messaging, it’s nice to have someone I can trust to call with questions and ideas.

Ian McIlwraith

Not only was his work high quality, but he offered valuable insights and tips into continuing to boost the SEO performance of the site moving forward. I highly recommend The SEOptimist for the SEO needs of any small business!

Andre Bass, A-1 Renovation

Listen well with his clients and provides quick services.

Troy Hurst, Planet Reflex

Brian did a tremendous job in shooting a series of video segments, to help promote my business. He was punctual, flexible in creating different video shots and patient, as we did several segments which required re-taping and edits. I would highly recommend Brian and applaud his creativity, attention to detail and production talent and will use him again for future work. Thanks, Brian!

Alex Garcia, Suits & Tech

The difference in the site was significant — we looked at our Adsense numbers and saw a huge jump in traffic after the changes.

Stephen Bagby, Cool Breeze 1250

Brian at The SEOptimist was a game changer for us. His blog posts are relevant and have helped us move up on the organic searches. We highly recommend Brian.