Advanced SEO Audits

Actionable, no BS.

An actionable, easy to follow reporting for your highest priority page.

“But many agencies provide a free audit as part of the sales process.”

That’s true, but those kinds of prospecting audits are fairly superficial and are intended to expose technical weaknesses in the site that the agency could then come in and resolve.

It’s not to say these reports don’t have value, but are generally only useful if you’re going to hire that agency to do all the work. And even then, technical fixes aren’t always the biggest bang for the buck for your site, depending on how it’s built.

Maybe your website has been around awhile and has decent trustworthiness with Google, and optimizing a key page or two could start to push you those meaningful few ranks ahead where the phone calls start happening.

If you could get an actionable report for relatively basic content/phrasing changes to make to your highest priority page, based directly on the websites ranking the highest for those same searches, would that be of value to you?

Especially if those changes were things you could make yourself?

This is an affordable yet meaningful step toward stronger rankings. Pick one of your services, one that if you ranked better for key queries and got more leads would really help your business.

This report will give you actionable feedback on that page, things you can change yourself without complex technical knowledge, that can strengthen that page’s search authority.

What I’m offering…

  • A quick turnaround for a report that is viewable on a private URL, for you and anyone on your team you’d like to share it with.
  • A link to an overview video talking through the key elements of the report, explaining what everything means and how you can apply it.
  • The report features content suggestions, a breakdown of competitor content structure, and a keyword gap analysis so you’ll know exactly which contextually-related phrases to remove or include, and how often.
Thinking and planning while working on a laptop

With this, you’ll have an easy-to-follow action plan for edits you can make to your target page to improve its authority and rankability. As singular steps in SEO go, this is a powerful one.

Regularly $129. Now just $99 as a holiday special price!