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  • No gimmicks and no “silver bullet” empty promises — just straightforward work that’s been proven through extensive trial and error
  • Simplified, transparent reporting each month so you know what you’re looking at and what’s next
  • A true boutique SEO pro; I only take on what I can personally crush it with. Every account gets the attention it deserves.
WordPress SEO growth over 2 months

Service-Based WordPress Business Sites

If you’ve redesigned your site and told Facebook all about it and still haven’t seen any action, you’re not alone. But you’re also not in a hopeless situation.

The above graph represents a few report runs over a 45 day period, and is typical for what I often see with service-based businesses (non-retail).

While quick gains aren’t unusual, there are still no guarantees of top placements in SEO. No one can do that.

Ultimately, you should be thinking of SEO as a long term solution. Find a pro that can show you tangible results in the first 30-60 days, and once you can trust them, start talking 6 month or the next year’s plan from there.

It’s powerful, sustainable, and the kind of leads you can build your business around.

Why the focus on WordPress SEO?

It’s not to say I can’t do SEO on sites built with other platforms. But after 16 years doing this the bulk of my work has been with WordPress for good reason.

Yes, some people love it or hate it, but there are simply the best tools available in WordPress and the platform itself is built to be flexible for design and customized optimization. In many cases, other platforms simply do not do this, regardless of what they say in their commercials.

Also, SEO is WAY more than metadata, so TV commercials saying, “everything you need for SEO” while depicting a meta title and description input forms are honestly very misleading. That’s probably 5% of what SEO actually is, and if you stop there you will get very little traction and probably end up confused like so many businesses are.

This all comes from years of rolling up my sleeves and diving in.

At a certain point, I could water my skills down by learning a whole bunch of semi-obscure platforms, or I could crush it with something proven. I chose the latter and my clients benefit from it.